The TransLit Project

This is a place where you can find the latest of Malayalam Poetry in Translation.

Though the Malayalam Poets have their own blogs, and they often have the translations also posted there, it really becomes a difficult task for the non-Malayalee reader to dig some quality poetry out from these blogs.

This blog is an earnest effort from the poetry lovers in Malayalam, to collect the existing translations of the contemporary poets, translate if not already available, and create a reference repository for those who wish to know the pulse of the current Malayalam Poetry.

Some of these translations were already done independently in the past. But, they were located in different blogs, and it was not easy to find them.


This blog serves mainly

  • To bring the existing translations under one banner.
  • Translate the poems which are not translated yet.

A collaborative translation collective was formed on Facebook, called ‘The TransLit Project’, under the banner of which a small group of translators work on translating such poems and hence bring the beauty of such unknown poems to the readers from the other languages.

All the poems carried here and their translations are with the permission from individual poets, and translators as well. The poems are Categorised Author wise In the footer. Translators also are given necessary credits.


We have only one vision and Mission, to take Malayalam poetry to the world. Let’s work towards it together.


Thanks to the readers,

The TransLit Project.


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